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7 Chakra Stone Bracelet | Balance Your Energy Centers‎

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Experience the Benefits of Chakra Healing with Our Bracelet


Let chakra flow freely within you.

Problems in your health may arise from blockages in the body's chakra points. By clearing these energy obstacles, you can promote overall wellness and allow for a smooth chakra flow.

The "7 Chakra Stone Bracelet" is a unique blend of gemstones, each corresponding to a specific chakra point, resulting in a freeing of these energy centers and potential healing benefits.


Chakra Bracelet Features

  • 7 chakra stones in 1. Each stone aligns with your seven chakra points.
  • Clearing stones. This bracelet clears blockages in chakra points to promote the smooth flow of energy.
  • Energy healing crystals. It is believed to have beneficial effects on the body, according to some beliefs.


The Seven Chakra Stones and Their Meanings

Crystals have long been utilized to release energy blockages from the body, dating back to ancient times.

Each stone in this bracelet has been meticulously chosen to correspond with each chakra point in your body. By harnessing specific vibrations, these crystals aid in removing energy blockages within you. When energy can move unhindered, it is believed to promote beneficial effects in the body.

7 Chakra Stone Bracelet for You

This 7 Chakra Stone Bracelet aims to assist with any energy blockages affecting your health. Enhance your well-being by grabbing a chakra bracelet today!


Chakra Bracelet Details

  • Item Type: 7 Chakra Bracelet
  • Material: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Imperial Stone, Tiger's Eye, Onyx, yellow Resin (representing the Sacral chakra), stainless steel
  • Colors: Multi-colored
  • Bead Size: 8mm
  • Length: 22cm
  • Gender: Unisex
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1.Set an intention: Before putting on your chakra bracelet, take a moment to set an intention for what you hope to achieve through its use. This could be anything from promoting overall balance and well-being to addressing a specific issue or goal.

2.Choose the appropriate wrist: Typically, you would wear your chakra bracelet on your non-dominant wrist, as this is believed to be the receiving side of the body.

3.Cleanse the crystals: To prepare your chakra bracelet for use, you may want to cleanse the crystals by holding them under running water, smudging them with sage or incense, or leaving them in sunlight or moonlight for a few hours.

4.Wear your bracelet daily: To experience the benefits of your chakra bracelet, it's recommended that you wear it daily. Some people choose to wear it all day, while others prefer to take it off at night.

5. Focus on the crystals: Throughout the day, you can take a few moments to focus on the crystals in your chakra bracelet, using them as a reminder of your intention and as a way to connect with their energetic properties.

6.Recharge and cleanse regularly: Over time, the crystals in your chakra bracelet may become depleted or blocked. To keep them working effectively, it's recommended that you recharge and cleanse them regularly, using the same methods as mentioned in step 3.

Remember, the effectiveness of a chakra healing bracelet depends largely on your own beliefs and intentions. By using it with an open mind and a genuine desire for positive change, you may be able to experience the benefits of this spiritual tool.

7 Charka stone include: Amethyst, Green king stone, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Tiger Eye, Amber, Red Agate

Adaptogen : Commonly plants that help your body respond to stress, anxiety, fatigue and overall wellbeing.

Anti-allergic : Prevents or relieves allergies 

Anti-inflammatory : A chemical that reduces inflammation, including swelling, pain & redness in the body. Anti-inflammatory agents block certain substances in the body that cause inflammation.

Anti-oxidant : chemicals that lessen or prevent the effect of free radicals on cells. They reduce the reactivity and prevent disease 

Antibacterial : Effective only against bacteria. 

Antimicrobial : Effective against a wide variety of microbes. Helps to eliminate dangerous bacteria and prevent the spread of infections. 

Antiseptic : Antiseptics are chemicals that kill or slow the growth of germs or micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi and viruses)

Antispasmodic: Remedies used to treat symptoms such as abdominal pain and cramp (spasm). Often used for symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Astringent : a chemical that shrinks or constricts body tissues. The word derives from the Latin adstringere, which means "to bind fast".

Churna :(Sanskrit: चूर्ण "powder") is a mixture of powdered herbs and or minerals used in Ayurvedic medicine. 

Free Radicals : Unstable molecules made by the process of oxidation during normal metabolism. Free radicals can cause “oxidative stress,” a process that can trigger cell damage

Hemostatic : Capable of stopping the flow of blood. Hemostasis is a process to prevent and stop bleeding. It is the first stage of wound healing. This involves coagulation, which changes blood from a liquid to a gel. 

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